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Inventing Imagination

SeedOlabs is an enterprise software company, which has planted a seed, which is an idea focused on providing fully integrated cloud based application to small medium and large companies for effective management of direct commerce. We are developing a tool with highly flexible framework and user friendly experience, which will enable businesses to use effective solutions like item grouping, grouped item pricing and item discovery by analysing customer information and buying behaviour. Our easy to use solutions define, analyze and target customers with similar needs and common interests and provide effective off-the shelf solutions based on their buying behaviour.

The company was founded in 2016 by experienced veterans in the fields of data sciences, analytics , user experience, Omni Channel retailing, manufacturing, distribution and services. The company aims towards redefining Omni Channel Commerce through integrating its innovative application with different businesses, which will help them to resolve complex item discovery, item grouping and item pricing challenges. We offer simplified tech solutions that enables businesses to accelerate IoT commerce services across the globe, provide automated, real-time visibility and control over their entire item portfolio and services, and optimize and automate every stage of item supply chain lifecycle. We aim towards resolving sellers paradox for different businesses (manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers) by providing them effective pricing solutions and item grouping solutions, which will not only help businesses to restore their retail customer engagement but also regain their marketshare.


Currently, SeedOlabs’ cloud solutions are used across industries like Omni Channel Retail, Manufacturing, CPG , Healthcare etc., in various solutions, such as item grouping, grouped item pricing, item discovery etc. The strength and success of the company is an outcome of its strong team of engineers, scientists, designers, UI/UX, e-commerce and product experts, who thrive and aim towards utilising their best skills to design prototype, build products and provide out of the world solutions for successful business execution of its clients. Our company stays strong because of its strong team members, connect with us if you feel you can be a value addition expected from a SeedO.

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Quality Matters

Based on consumer behaviour and interactions, SeedOlabs caters to industries like Omni Channel Retail, Healthcare and CPG to provide solutions for:

Careers @SeedO

  "Creating a World of Tech Imagination”   At SeedO we are looking for people who are passionate about technology and data and keep a strong desire to put forth their unique skills for an innovative purpose. We expect our SeedOs to infuse their experience and enthusiasm in the work that they do along with committing themselves to challenge the status quo and work with their respective teams to remove any barrier in their or their team’s path. We look forward to work with people who identify with our mission and goals and envision what SeedOLabs is trying to achieve.  

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